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Moonlight thief free steam key

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About Moonlight thief key free

Have you ever imagined becoming a thief? Sneaking past countless guards inside a mansion?
Traveling through secret passages, and stealing treasure inside?!

Neros parents were killed when he was young. After watching a person being beaten by a noblemen, and thinking of his own parents deaths, he is inspired to become the vigilante known as the "Moonlight Thief" and to serve the people, as their hero of justice.

The common people struggle to live without money. However, they have a strong resistance to persecution from the aristocrats. Why do nobles steal things from the people who dont have any more money? You have to infiltrate mansions owned by the nobles to return the items theyve stolen to their rightful owners.

"Moonlight Thief" is a top-view action stealth mystery role-playing game.
Nero, the "Moonlight Thief", helps the people who are struggling because of all of the nobles who oppressed them.

In a virtual village of the early 20th century, the nobles plunder the common people to benefit themselves. The Duke of Ewald then comes to the village, and his policies helps the common people.
However before any significant changes, his health rapidly deteriorated, and the harassment from the nobility still remains unchanged.

In the game, there are two categories: infiltrating into homes of the aristocrats, and finding clues about the death of Neros parents. You will be following someone, tracking him/her down, and investigating the crime scene.

Most people are treated unfairly by the nobility but are afraid to fight against social order.
To them, the Moonlight Thief is a hero.

There are many secret tunnels hidden in the nobilitys mansion.

Its a game for Windows,
and you can play it with a keyboard and mouse, XBox 360, and PS4 dual-shock.

- Controls

WASD - Move
Q - Quick slots
E - Using Events & Items
Shift - Dash
Space - Walk
Left Click - Attack
Right Click - Shoot
Esc - Menu

There are a total of six items that can be used in quick slots, as shown below.

{STEAM_APP_IMAGE} / 엑스트라 / 항목 _ 소개 _ 영어 _1.png [/ img]
{STEAM_APP_IMAGE} / 엑스트라 / 항목 _ 소개 _ 영어 _2.png [/ img]
{STEAM_APP_IMAGE} / 엑스트라 / 항목 _ 소개 _ 영어 _3.png [/ img]
{STEAM_APP_IMAGE} / 엑스트라 / 항목 _ 소개 _ 영어 _4.png [/ img]
{STEAM_APP_IMAGE} / 엑스트라 / 항목 _ 소개 _ 영어 _5.png [/ img]
{STEAM_APP_IMAGE} / 엑스트라 / 항목 _ 소개 _ 영어 _6.png [/ img]

Watchmen are patrolling and waiting for you to infiltrate the premises.
Be careful! Walk quietly or you might wake the nobleman or alert the guards.

You can fight directly with the guards, or you can knock them out indirectly using peripheral tools. If you lure them into a gap. You can drop a chandelier on them, or use the traps to knock them down.

A total of six mansions in this town were built by an eccentric architect.
Each house will welcome you with a distinctive set of gimmicks.

There are many stolen items inside each mansion to retrieve.
Clear each mini game and obtain the item!

The stolen items that you manage to retrieve should be returned to its rightful owner.
If you return the item in front of the owner, be careful not to be spotted by the owner or he/she might identify you to the police if later interrogated.
Depending on your heroism, the bounty and the size of the prize will change.

If you have retrieve sufficient stolen items, you can unlock part-time jobs in your town, and use your part-time job to raise money! A total of six part-time jobs are available, including "Boss Rush".


Now be the apostle of justice to help those in need!

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System requirements
Windows Requirements
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570 CPU @ 3.40GHz
  • Memory: 200 MB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
Mac Requirements
Not available.
Linux Requirements
Not available.

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