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三国英雄列传 (Legendary Heros in the Three Kingdoms) cd key free

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About 三国英雄列传 (Legendary Heros in the Three Kingdoms) steam key free

Features of this game: (Press F4 of the keyboard to play the game in full screen!) This is a strategy sandbox game based on Sanguos history of China. There are more than three hundred officers come on stage. The cultivation of officer in this game do not use the ordinary RPG settings of Experience and Level. The recruited officer will be top Level from the beginning, instead, weapon, armor, Skill Scroll, corps and other items obtained during the expedition are the key elements for the cultivation of officer. If you have the opportunity to meet masters such as Zuo Ci and Yu Ji, one officer of your team will follow them to have a short-term training. When the trainee come back, he will learn a random battle skill. During the first time of game, Player can only choose Zhao Yun as protagonist. But when you pass the game and restart a new trip, you can use the item "Reward Of Finding Officer" to choose a random officer among more than three hundred officers in Sanguos history. There are 38 cities(such as Xu Chang) and more than fifty villages(such as Chang Shan) which you can explorer. You can reinforce your troop by attacking bandits and adventure in Sanguos world. There are hundreds of events for the players to enjoy. For instance, if you get a ancient treasure map, you can use compass to guide you to the location of treasures, and use shovel to dig. The Adventures in the world are limited by Food of your troop. If all the Food are consumed, then game over. So the player must pay attention to the Food of Troop from time to time. Moreover, the Food price are different from time to time, you can use this to make money. The expedition could also decrease the MP(morale) of the troop, which will effect the battle process. When the players troop are strong enough, attacking cities should be considered. Which city to conquer first? If the player attack the capital of Wei dynasty at the very beginning, the game will be over soon. Therefore make investigation about the city before attacking is important, choose cities with weak defenders as the early targets. During the battle you should use Formation Menu to change the generals whose HP are low, to protect your Key officers. If a generals HP decrease to 0,and not revive before the end of the battle, he will die after the battle! You can use items or skills to revive a general to avoid his death. The death of protagonist will cause Game Over, so protect yourself! After you take down a city, you can get money and Food as scot every month automatically. The larger the city scale is, the more harvest you can obtain. If a lord has many cities(such as Cao Cao), you must conquer all his cities before recruiting his officers. For instance, Lord Yuan Shao has two cities, Ping Yuan and Nan Pi. You can only recruit Yuan Shaos officers when you conquer all these two cities. The three properties, Kindheartedness, Wisdom and Courage, are very important when you recruit officers. Recruiting warrior need property Courage, Recruiting Mage need property Wisdom. Property Kindheartedness is used for Recruiting fighters that are both brave and knowledgeable. You can use the Property Detector to get your current three properties, and use Lun Yu, Shi Jing or Yi Jing which can be obtained when you defeat bandits (or buy in the Item Store) to increase the three properties. After you recruit a officer, you can see his profile and ability value in the Status Menu. The Skills the officer possess are also very important, which can exert his maximum ability value. The results of a same skill between different generals are quite different, because the skill effects are relevant to the users ability value. The officers need MP(morale) to use Ultimate Skills in Battle, When their TP is full. MP can be recovered by skills or items. There are many TP types, you can see its description in the Skill Menu. Choosing proper TP type for each general of your troops is very important, so that they can use Ultimate Skill ASAP. The cultivation of officers included weapon, armor, Skill Scroll, corps and other items obtained during the expedition. Some officer with great ability values but without a good ultimate skill, you can use Skill Scroll to let him learn new skills, then he will be powerful. Except some top Weapons and Armors are unbreakable, all other equips have durability value, and the equip will be broken when its durability decrease to 0 during battle. You can use Colored Stone to fix it, which is sold in Item Store. The Type of corps is also very important for battle. If a general equip a well known Units such as "Tiger Fighters" or "Wu Dang Armored Vehicle", then he will have a huge advantage compared with other generals with ordinary Units during battle. Attack bandits in the big map will have chance to capture their special Units. You are not recommended to explore the suburb of villages or cities, enemies there are too strong. But if you are determined to do it, you can get Skill Scrolls or Equips, and other pleasant surprise. Choose the high value general to cultivate, who has higher ability values(such as Attack, M.Attack value). The game has 328 different officers who can join your team, with each different skills and abilities. When you pass the game you can restart a new game trip with the new game+ system! You can inherit all the equips, items and properties from the last trip when starting a new game!

How to get 三国英雄列传 (Legendary Heros in the Three Kingdoms) free steam key

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System requirements
Windows Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1024x768 High Color +
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
Mac Requirements
Not available.
Linux Requirements
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