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Pyre: Original Soundtrack cd key free

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About Pyre: Original Soundtrack steam key free

The Pyre Original Soundtrack packs close to two hours of original music by Supergiants award-winning composer and audio director, Darren Korb. Featuring vocals by Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett, the album also contains bonus material and arrangements not found in the game.

BONUS! Also included is the Pyre Original Soundtrack Bonus Album Set, containing more than two additional hours of music by Darren Korb with vocals by Ashley Barrett, divided into two themed albums. The White Lute features acoustic versions of many of the signature tracks from the game, while The Black Mandolin features a variety of unique renditions of the song Never to Return, based on the different triumvirates players confront in the game.

Pyre Original Soundtrack Track List:
1. In the Flame*
2. Downriver
3. Downside Ballad
4. Path to Glory
5. Life Sentence
6. Surviving Exile
7. Forbidden Knowledge
8. Moon-Touched
9. Through the Valley
10. Night Howlers
11. The Herald
12. Mourning Song*
13. The Eight Scribes
14. Glorious Tradition
15. Flutter Fly
16. Thrash Pack
17. A Step Closer
18. Dirty Deal
19. Sinking Feeling
20. Dread Design
21. Snake Soul
22. Strange Voyage
23. Quest for Honor
24. Knights of the Sea
25. Vagrant Song**
26. Shattered Lands
27. Talon Sheath
28. Sky Dance
29. Certain Plan
30. Grand Ceremony
31. To the Stars
32. The Old Ways
33. Never to Return*
34. Time Passes
35. The Blackwagon
36. Rage of Demons
37. Will of the Scribes
38. New Union
39. Bound Together*

Pyre Original Soundtrack - The White Lute Track List:
1. In the Flame (Acoustic Instrumental)
2. Downside Ballad (Acoustic)
3. Path to Glory (Acoustic)
4. Surviving Exile (Acoustic)
5. Forbidden Knowledge (Acoustic)
6. Moon-Touched (Acoustic)
7. Through the Valley (Acoustic)
8. Night Howlers (Acoustic)
9. The Herald (Acoustic)
10. The Eight Scribes (Acoustic)
11. Glorious Tradition (Acoustic)
12. Flutter Fly (Acoustic)
13. Thrash Pack (Acoustic)
14. A Step Closer (Acoustic)
15. Dirty Deal (Acoustic)
16. Sinking Feeling (Acoustic)
17. Dread Design (Acoustic)
18. Snake Soul (Acoustic)
19. Strange Voyage (Acoustic)
20. Quest for Honor (Acoustic)
21. Knights of the Sea (Acoustic)
22. Vagrant Song (Instrumental)
23. Shattered Lands (Acoustic)
24. Talon Sheath (Acoustic)
25. Sky Dance (Acoustic)
26. Certain Plan (Acoustic)
27. Grand Ceremony (Acoustic)
28. To the Stars (Acoustic)
29. Never to Return (Acoustic Instrumental)
30. Time Passes (Acoustic)
31. Rage of Demons (Acoustic)
32. Will of the Scribes (Acoustic)

Pyre Original Soundtrack - The Black Mandolin Track List:
1. Never to Return: The Accusers*
2. Never to Return: The Fate*
3. Never to Return: The Dissidents*
4. Never to Return: The Withdrawn*
5. Never to Return: The Pyrehearts*
6. Never to Return: The Essence*
7.Never to Return: The Chastity*
8. Never to Return: The Tempers*

* Featuring Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett
** Featuring Darren Korb

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