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RPG Maker MV – Mysterious Unresolved Sounds Vol.1 free steam key

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About RPG Maker MV – Mysterious Unresolved Sounds Vol.1 key free

Dramatic, suspenseful, and mysterious, this pack has all you need to keep your players questioning, wondering, looking for answers. Will they find them? Leave your mysteries unresolved with Mysterious Unresolved Sounds Vol 1 from Bittersweet Entertainment. Featuring pulsing synths, questioning strings, dramatic piano, suspenseful percussion, haunting ambience, sparkling dark dreamy guitars, and modern techno synth-propelled themes, this pack contains 40 BGM perfect for your dramatic and suspenseful scenes. Features: 40 royalty-free tracks for use in the game dev engine of your choice BGM for all kinds of drama, suspense, and mysterious scenes M4A and OGG formats included Tracklist: 1. MUS1_BGM01_Mystery1 2. MUS1_BGM02_Mystery2 3. MUS1_BGM03_Mystery3 4. MUS1_BGM04_Mystery4 5. MUS1_BGM05_Mystery5 6. MUS1_BGM06_Mystery6 7. MUS1_BGM07_Mystery7 8. MUS1_BGM08_Mystery8 9. MUS1_BGM09_Mystery9 10. MUS1_BGM10_Mystery10 11. MUS1_BGM11_Suspense1 12. MUS1_BGM12_Suspense2 13. MUS1_BGM13_Suspense3 14. MUS1_BGM14_Suspense4 15. MUS1_BGM15_Suspense5 16. MUS1_BGM16_Suspense6 17. MUS1_BGM17_Suspense7 18. MUS1_BGM18_Suspense8 19. MUS1_BGM19_Suspense9 20. MUS1_BGM20_Suspense10 21. MUS1_BGM21_Ambient1 22. MUS1_BGM22_Ambient2 23. MUS1_BGM23_Ambient3 24. MUS1_BGM24_Ambient4 25. MUS1_BGM25_Ambient5 26. MUS1_BGM26_Ambient6 27. MUS1_BGM27_Ambient7 28. MUS1_BGM28_Ambient8 29. MUS1_BGM29_Ambient9 30. MUS1_BGM30_Ambient10 31. MUS1_BGM31_Ambient11_Rhythm 32. MUS1_BGM32_Ambient12_Rhythm 33. MUS1_BGM33_Ambient13_Rhythm 34. MUS1_BGM34_Ambient14_Rhythm 35. MUS1_BGM35_Ambient15_Rhythm 36. MUS1_BGM36_Sequence1 37. MUS1_BGM37_Sequence2 38. MUS1_BGM38_Sequence3 39. MUS1_BGM39_Sequence4 40. MUS1_BGM40_Sequence5

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  • Additional Notes: System supporting RPG Maker MV
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