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The Kickstarter Avoidance Album steam key free

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About The Kickstarter Avoidance Album free steam key

Having promised to donate all the profits from NotTheNameWeWanted to charity, weve quickly realised that weve got no money left for essentials such as tea, milk, and making the next game. We thought about Kickstarting, but the prospect of sorting that all out made us want to put a power drill through our own faces. And we thought you deserved more for your hard-earned than a promise of a game we might or might not make sometime if we feel like it unless we change our minds or have a better idea or decide to go to the pub instead. Weve had a surprising and, frankly, inexplicable number of people asking for the games soundtrack. Luckily, the will has just been read from our Managing Partners time-travelling grandfather, Spencer NotGames IV, and it turns out that were gonna release a cracking comedy album in 2030. He left us all the tracks in convenient MP3 format in his attic!!! Its very handy that this turned up from the future, as otherwise wed have had to write, arrange, record, mix and release an entire album in about four days... And thats not possible, is it? So, in a nod to the traditional comedy albums of yore by the likes of Monty Python and The Goons, were killing two birds with one stone and filling both the insatiable public demand and our own empty pockets. Its a proper album. Like the kind Mum and Dad used to listen to back in the day. But digital. And a tenth the price it would be on iTunes. Isnt Steam great? Were giving you your favourite tracks from the game, improved and extended, and tonnes more stuff, all lovingly mixed with lashings of our questionable sense of humour. And need we mention.... more Kenneth?! Its an hours laughter for less than a quid (in the only currency that counts). Whats not to like? Track-listing: #1 Legal Warning #2 N*****V Theme #3 N*****V: A Warning From History Part 1 #4 Bloody England - Daffyd and his Welsh Voice Choir #5 Commercial Break 01 #6 Kenneths Country Garden - Kenneth #7 Commercial Break 02 #8 Music to Shower to #9 N*****V: A Warning From History Part 2 #10 DJ Slippy-Doopy-Doob-Doob-Wah-Wah Mix Feat. Darren #11 Commercial Break 03 #12 Moisture (On My Thighs) - Beyonce "Not That One" Johnson #13 Intermission #14 The Unbearable Lightness of Being Kenneth (A Beat Poem) - Kenneth the Big Dawg and the Jazz Ramblers #15 N*****V: A Warning From History Part 3 #16 Jacket Potato (DJ Spud-U-Love Remix) - Gazza the Rapping Skateboarder #17 Prime Ministers Kenneth Time - David Cameron and Kenneth #18 Five More Years - David Cameron and the Bullingdon Big Band Experience #19 National Anthem (FIXED) #20 N*****V: A Warning From History Part 4 #21 N*****V End Titles #22 Bonus Track

How to get The Kickstarter Avoidance Album key free

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System requirements
Windows Requirements
  • Storage: 130 MB available space
Mac Requirements
Not available.
Linux Requirements
Not available.

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