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Visual Novel Maker – OTOKO YUKAKU Collection free steam key

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About Visual Novel Maker – OTOKO YUKAKU Collection key free

A hidden, remote island is a home to a different culture that challenges the modern societal gender roles. In the gender-reversed Yoshiwara world, a small number of male courtesans inhabit the center of the island and provide the ladies with delight, wit and charm. Will our heroine find only distraction in the red light district, or will she find true love? This is the universe of [OTOKO YUKAKU], a visual novel published by D3 Publisher.

Now you can create your own gender-reversed story with [OTOKO YUKAKU] Collection! Whether youre looking to create a fan novel in the Yoshiwara world, or simply need a set of gorgeous resources to illustrate your story, you cant go wrong with this fantastic new pack. With 34 modern backgrounds, a full cast of beautiful men in their best attire, and a variety of supporting characters, your non-commercial Visual Novel Maker projects will truly shine.


・Takao(高尾)※ Includes 10 expressions.
・Tokiwa(ときわ)※ Includes 12 expressions.
・Kagura(神楽)※ Includes 11 expressions.
・Keiji(伊東慶次)※ Includes 11 expressions.
A(Geisha A)
B(Room Wear B)

・Kagerou(かげろう)※ Includes 11 expressions.
A(Geisha A)
B(Suits B)

・Iroha(いろは)※ Includes 11 expressions.
A(Normal A)
B(Demon B)
C(Suits C)

・Saeki(冴木)※ Includes 4 expressions.
A(Demon A)
B(Normal B)

・Mother(主人公の母親)・Masakazu(正和)・Genemon(源エ門)・Shion(しおん)※ Includes 4 expressions.

〇About animation patterns
※Most expressions have 2-4 patterns, as named below:
[Talking with eyes open]
・Idle expression「openeyetaiki」
・Talking Expression「openeyekaiwa」


The following backgrounds are included:

Kikuya Front(Morning, Evening, Night)
Kikuya Entrance(Morning, Evening, Night)
Kikuya Tatamiroom(Morning, Night)
Kikuya Bedroom(Morning, Night)

Heroine room (Morning, Night, Night/ light on)
Heroine Home Entrance(Morning, Evening, Night)
Temple(Morning, Evening, Night)
Saeki Lodging Place(Morning, Evening, Night)
Port(Morning, Evening, Night)
Cliff(Morning, Evening, Night)
Yukaku Front(Morning, Evening, Night)
Backstreet(Morning, Evening, Night)

※This content use is subject to the Collaboration Collection resource EULA, please check before use.

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System requirements
Windows Requirements
  • Additional Notes: Visual Novel Maker support
Mac Requirements
Not available.
Linux Requirements
Not available.

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