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混沌騎士-間奏曲 Chaos Knight-interlude(繁體中文版) free steam key

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About 混沌騎士-間奏曲 Chaos Knight-interlude(繁體中文版) key free

Introduction to the game: It took only two years for Kevin, the hero, to conquer the whole continent and establish a new Kalsas empire after he won the sword and the magic sword in the war. However, 15 years after the reign of the hero king, the Empire was free from major wars and the devil tribe was blocked outside the eastern border. However, the reappearance of the red evil stars in the sky makes the people with strength and ambition start to move foolishly. Emperor Kevin suddenly declared to the world that a knights Congress would be held in the Emperors Capital. The prize was the prize that all knights in the world dreamed of, the Holy Sword! ________ Ultimately, where will your power lead you? Skillful use of tactics and restraint system, led the Empires Light Dragon Knights and girls to fight on the mainland, break through all the enemies in front of you! Game type: SRPG The game contains: _Basic level 13 chapters, other levels 2 chapters. Game system: Transfer job Roles can be transferred to better careers. Role Skills Characters have strong fixed skills, and using these skills will make it easier for you to defeat the enemy! Other relevant: This game is not very difficult, novice players can easily carry out the plot. If you dont want to be bound by difficulty, you can also ask the author to download the archive provided by the author to get a better weapon and game experience! This game is made by Srpg Studio. If you have any questions, you can contact the author below. Please try the beta version before you buy it in order to ensure the normal operation of the game. Official QQ Group Number: 650313045

How to get 混沌騎士-間奏曲 Chaos Knight-interlude(繁體中文版) cd key free

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System requirements
Windows Requirements
  • OS: windows 7
  • Processor: Pentium Dual Core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Geforce FX5600
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
Mac Requirements
Not available.
Linux Requirements
Not available.

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